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     Anyone that is interested in starting a meeting, has a question regarding a meeting, or any general questions about HA Wisconsin may contact the Outreach Chair person.

HA Outreach Chair: Adria P

1(608) 982-7164


     If you are a facility interested in having an HA meeting or would like more information on how HA may be of service please contact the Hospitals and Institutions Chair person. HA members looking to join the H&I subcommittee and be of service by carrying the message of HA should attend the monthly H&I subcommittee meeting at 3pm, just before the monthly Area meeting (address and day of week listed on previous page "Get Involved").

HA H&I Chair: Daniel S.

1(414) 817-2083

     Feel free to use the message box below for questions or information, and we will respond to you as promptly as possible!

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